3-Dec-23 ~ 25-Dec-23
at Ritsuki Fujisaki Gallery
While, sofvi culture today has moved away from reproductions and imitations of characters, machines and animals, and more and more sculptures are arising from the narratives of the individual artists, and Tanimura’s production is not exceptional. The Toy Shop, a window display of actual toys and advertising materials by Pop Art stalwart Peter Blake (b. 1932), stirs a longing for the past.

KOTANI Kurumi, Taka Kono, YAMAMOTO Kazuma, YAMAMOTO Shohei
29-Oct-22 ~ 27--Nov-22
at Ritsuki Fujisaki Gallery
In this age of reproducibility and abundance of images, the meaning of each representation itself has become radical, fragile, and unstable. The speed of those seemingly muddled and elusive images sometimes collide, leaving semantics behind, but there is always tension in the relationship among them.

3-Sep-23 ~ 2-Oct-23
at Ritsuki Fujisaki Gallery
Japanese tropes such as Yōkai, ghost stories, nature, festival masks, and mosquito nets are distributed in space along with disturbing and provocative way which are dressed by violence and humor.

Taka Kono
16-Jul-22 ~ 14-Aug-22
at Ritsuki Fujisaki Gallery
“What truly drives fear into my body is the possibility for my imagination to amass physical weight.
There is the low gurgle of water rising in a bath somewhere nearby.
My body has not made contact with any water in quite some time.”

28-May-22 ~ 19-Jun-22
at Ritsuki Fujisaki Gallery
Various harmful toys that were denied in the process of being familiar in a safe and rational social life, are not allowed to have them, and are destined to be forgotten in one corner of history.

                            2-2-10, Higashi Nihonbashi, Chuo, Tokyo, Japan