“Umi” by Su group from 20230729 to 20230820




Ritsuki Fujisaki Gallery is pleased to announce the exhibition “Umi” by Su group from 29th of July to 20th of August. Performance would be taken place on 12th of August.

Su group is a duo collective which consists of Kornieieva Barbara and Marko Titovskiy who are both refugees from Ukraine.

They were born and raised in a same region in Ukraine called Donbas (Донба́с) and founded the group in Japan last year along with its emigration. Their current base is Chigasaki where is located in sea-side area.

In this exhibition, 2 projects, which are named “Umi” and “Illuminating Horizons” are shown.

From 5pm on 12th of August, Su group will present performance at a gallery.

French poetry “The graveyard by the sea”(original; Le Cimetière marin) (1920) written by Paul Valéry (1871-1945) implies its ambiguous connectivity between our existence and time.


The sea has been dividing something, however, simultaneously, it can seem to include everything.


Intermittent flashes of isolation and inclusion floating on the sea allure us.


Please see statements below for each projects.


Artist’s website



“The Sea”


Umi as an indicator of emigration experience 


As long as we don’t have no fixed living place struggling we have an obligation to believe that: 


“This great sea gives us hope for tomorrow.”


“Illuminating Horizons”


is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the belief that, no matter the circumstances, hope can guide us towards brighter horizons.


It encourages viewers to embrace their own dreams, to envision a better future, and to find solace in the transformative power of hope. Through its symbolic imagery, and intricate details, this artwork invites us to embark on a journey of hope and reminds us that, with each step we take, the world becomes a little brighter.


There is no centre of composition. Only undetected movements.


We explore the Japanese philosophy of Mu. The artwork invites viewers to explore further, revealing hidden details.


Intricate patterns reminiscent of mandalas are interwoven throughout the composition, signifying the interconnectedness of all beings and the infinite possibilities that arise when hope is nurtured and shared collectively.