“On being an angel” by ISHIBASHI Motoko and TSUCHIYA Urara from 20220903 to 20221002

Ritsuki Fujisaki Gallery is pleased to announce a duo exhibition by ISHIBASHI Motoko and TSUCHIYA Urara, “On being an angel” from 3rd of September to 2nd of October in 2022.

Both of them are based in the UK and, in this summer, spent the same period in Artist-in-Residence located on the west side of Japan called The Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park which is well-known as the one of the Japanese six ancient kilns producing Shigaraki ware.

In this exhibition, a new series of ceramic and photography works which have been co-produced from several years ago.

The title of this exhibition, “On being an angel” is cited by the caption of a work which was exhibited in 1977 by Francesca Woodman (1958-1981) who is New York based photographer.

Her photography works are known for themes around gendar, sexuality and identity construction with its obscure, ambiguous and ghostly presence.

What makes this exhibition outstand is that both two artists are proposing their attitude towards this modern society as the fluctuation of social norms such as gendar and queerness increases while quoting her serieses of works.

Japanese tropes such as Yōkai, ghost stories, nature, festival masks, and mosquito nets are distributed in space along with disturbing and provocative way which are dressed by violence and humor.

Please refer to the following links for information for both artists.